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If you own a business in Columbia SC, chances are you are producing more waste than what a regular trash can will carry. Therefore, you need commercial waste disposal with a business dumpster and waste management solution that fits your needs and can handle your company’s garbage commercial waste collection needs—having a large waste container such as a front load dumpster works perfectly for high traffic locations such as hotels, condos, restaurants, etc., among others.

Front-loading dumpsters are known for their conspicuous slide doors and plastic list, which covers the top part of the container to prevent critters from coming in. You can rent one of these front load dumpsters at NewSouth Waste at affordable prices. Our commercial waste collection helps remove your business waste in Columbia South Carolina. We have a business dumpster that fits businesses of all sizes, so you don’t have to worry if it is too big or small- we’ll tell you the right size dumpster for your business!

One good thing about our affordable commercial dumpster rental is that take care of everything to meet your waste reduction goals. Our garbage pickup services empty waste in weekly pickups, taking the trash only. South Carolina and federal regulations require businesses to follow waste management protocols and dispose of trash safely.

A front load dumpster waste management service is crucial as it ensures you are always in line with law requirements. Plus, you save time and effort to move the trash into a compactor site or local dump. For Columbia business owners, NewSouth Waste brings you a variety of front load dumpsters for rent and other garbage solutions like roll-off dumpsters.

If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to your current waste management plan, give us a call today. Our customer representatives will tell you all the benefits of renting out front load dumpsters and how it can help your business’ efficiency and compliance.

dumpster rental

dumpster rental

dumpster rental

How To Rent a Front Load Dumpster in Columbia, SC

We have tirelessly streamlined the front load dumpster rental process so you can have peace of mind and not worry about trash. Our dumpster rental company will advise you on pickup frequencies, available sizes, and more to get you started.

Commercial Waste Disposal Services For all Kinds Of Columbia Businesses

Whether running a small family restaurant or a bustling warehouse, you need a consistent trash pickup and management service. With plenty of varieties and sizes, we have trash cans for practically all lines of work.

Front Load Dumpster Sizes

At NewSouth Waste, we have a wide range of front load dumpsters for all your waste management needs. Whether you have a small cafe, a large restaurant, or a realtor with many properties, we can help. Our staff members work directly with you to establish a single point of contact and reduce back and forth communication. We have the following front load containers in our Columbia facility:

Get More From Your Dumpster Rental in Columbia, SC

We take time to understand the specifics of your business to help you find a container that will get the job done. It doesn’t matter how many boxes you pile per day; our primary work is to ensure we get rid of garbage on your premises. But Columbia, SC is saturated with junk removal and management companies, which brings the question of why you actually need our services.

At NewSouth Waste, we promote an ambiance of clarity and are environmentally appealing. As a result, Columbia business owners and residents come to us for all their garbage needs due to a number of reasons.


When you work with us, expect your dumpster delivered on time and pickups that stay on collection schedule. We understand that picking up garbage on time is crucial, and any delays make your business look unprofessional and arrogant. But with us, you don’t have to worry about missed pickups or overflowing containers.

Competitive Pricing

We use the best practices and industry knowledge to ensure we provide the most competitive prices on the market. Pricing can be tricky as you may easily confuse cheap with value. However, our pricing does not compromise the quality of dumpsters for rent, and we make sure everything is up to a tee.

Responsive Representatives

Regardless of our size and volume of work, we always deliver on time and bring same-day services to all residents in the Columbia area. You can call us anytime if you have an emergency, and we will respond in a matter of hours. Plus, we also work during the weekends, so you’ll have someone look at your dumpster rental in case of an issue.


We only hire thoroughly vetted representatives who have the qualifications of waste management and human resource knowledge. The customer care team is friendly and eager to solve commercial and household junk/waste disposal in South Carolina. Call us today at (803) 809-2002 and get experts waiting in line to help you find a solution.


We ensure all requests are completed from the initial point of contact up to the last process of scheduling hauls. Plus, we never leave you out nor canvass you during any process. Following up is crucial, and we bring awareness to environmental management by doing the right thing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Front load dumpsters have been commonly found in the following places for commercial trash disposal; restaurants, offices, hotels: churches, and grocery stores. The front load dumpster comes in several types, including slant top and flat top models.

You should not exceed the dimensions of the dumpster by overflowing garbage. So basically, nothing should be hanging over the top of the container. Want more info about yard roll-off dumpsters ?

The price of this dumpster depends on a number of factors like the size and dimensions of the container, the weight of debris you intend for disposal of, and the frequency of pickups. Also, you need to be aware that such services apply on a contract basis, and it is crucial to ask whether the company will put you into one.

If you own a commercial property, you might not need any permits. However, if you are leasing space like in events, you may consider checking the fine prints of your lease agreement or talking directly with the property manager or owner.
Yes. You may have restrictions while using a dumpster, including toxic and hazardous chemicals or materials with petroleum products, car batteries, electronics, and paints. If you’re not sure whether your trash is prohibited, contact us for a comprehensive list of restricted items. Construction debris and other environmentally friendly waste are not prohibited items.
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At NewSouth Waste, we ensure the local communities get the best collection services on time. Our pride is the customer’s happy face which is why our number one priority. We are a professional team and have trained personnel who can handle all waste management issues in South Carolina. We never choose who to serve, from small businesses to large national companies, as we have a model that fits into any space. Our main goal is to please our customers and exceed expectations.; If you ever need more information about junk removal or need to rent a front load dumpster in Columbia, SC, give us a call today at (803) 809-2002.

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